Plateplus buys, sells, transports and processes Hot Rolled Coil throughout the United States.

We have a team of experts whose focus is to ensure we have the right inventory at the right time at the right price for our customers.

Plateplus is the market leader in HRC supply chain management, so you can rest assured you will benefit from consistent, high quality hot rolled products produced on time and with 100% contract performance rate.

Manage steel costs and ensure quality supply

In an era of complex and often volatile steel supply chains you may face price fluctuations, delivery delays, increasing regulations, intense competition and shrinking margins. It can be difficult to manage costs, ensure timely delivery and win in a tight-margin marketplace.

Plateplus can help your business grow with reliable supply, sophisticated pricing solutions, strategically located steel service centers and a team of experienced personnel with proven experience in processing and risk management.

The unique competitive edge we offer combines sophisticated risk management skills with physical trading capabilities to offer pricing and product consistency. Innovative financing programs plus timely physical delivery of quality steel can be the keys that boost your business profitability.

There’s truly no other company that can offer the depth and breadth of solutions to help ensure your success, so contact us today.

Integrated supply chain solutions across all major US hubs

100% fulfillment record for our contracts

Broad range of hot-rolled steel products

Consistent inventory and capabilities

Plateplus ISO Certified
ISO 9001:2015

Just-in-time Delivery